Roclar & Bacoban Products

Effective long term infection control

What is Bacoban

Bacoban is a unique and highly effective water-based disinfectant that continuously gives active protection for up to 10 days after application.

No other single product can deliver the level of infection control that Bacoban brings. All Bacoban products deliver the same protection, however, they can be produced in different liquid forms to accommodate the end users’ requirements.

Bacoban is sold throughout Europe, India, Russia, the Middle East and Canada. It is now being introduced to the UK.

Bacoban WB

Bacoban WB is a concentrate that when mixed with tap water provides a ready to use product.

Bacoban DL

Bacoban DL is a ready to use product that is diluted with de-ionised water.

Bacoban Wet Wipes

Bacoban wipes are made from DL and WB formulas. These wipes mirror the abilities of the liquid products. They provide a quick and convenient method for cleaning surfaces.

Bacoban products should be used in accordance with manufacturers instructions.